Karate grading test

On Sunday, April 23, a dan promotion examination was held at the Komatsubashi Branch Office.

This time, 14 dojo students took the test. After deciding to take the exam and before the day of the exam, the students practiced kata, reviewed flow, etiquette, and kiai, and practiced with the aim of achieving crisp and clear movements.After correcting the areas that needed improvement, the students performed their kata with a mixture of speed and dynamism, while maintaining their composure at the actual judging. Everyone was relieved to hear that they had passed.

Congratulations to everyone who passed!

・Haga Nobuyuki 2Dan
・Aso Mayuko 2Dan
・Kudo Naoko 2Dan
・Nitahara Hironori 2Dan
・Suzuki Mayumi 2Dan
・Haga Mikiko 1Dan
・Kudo Rena Jun1Dan
・Kudo Anna 2Kyu
・Arai Naru 5Kyu
・Arai Kano 6Kyu
・Saito Takumi 9Kyu
・Seki Tosei 9Kyu
・Wakabayashi Ritsuki 9Kyu
・Doi Soshiro 10Kyu