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Karate Kyu grading test

On Sunday, December 11th, the grade test was held for eight students.
They demonstrated the results of their daily practice and displayed their growth through wonderful performances and passed the test.

・Haga Kimiko 1Kyu
・Kudo Rena 1Kyu
・Kudo Anna 3Kyu
・Kazama Yu 6Kyu
・Arai Kano 7Kyu
・Arai Naru 7Kyu
・Kazama Hiro 9Kyu
・Saito Takumi 10Kyu
・Seki Tosei 10Kyu
・Wakabayashi Ritsuki 10Kyu

A special training session

On Friday, November 4th, 2022, a special training session was held at the Fukagawa Elderly Welfare Center, inviting Takashi Arakaki-Sensei, who came from OKINAWA.

All participants were fascinated by the way he explained in detail and that each technique has its own meaning in detail and in an easy-to understand manner.

At the end of the session, he also taught us a special KATA. All the participants had a fulfilling to receive the direct instruction that showed his very kind personality.

May promotion examination results.

As a result of the promotion exam held in May 2022, Mr. Hideto Nirasawa passed the Shidoin-2 Dan.We hope that he will continue to work hard and improve his skills!

Okinawa Karate World Tournament 2022

From August 1st to 9th, 2022, the 2nd Okinawa Karate World Tournament was held at two venues, the Okinawa Karate Kaikan and the Okinawa Prefectural Budokan. Despite Covid, 2,200 people from 27 countries around the world participated.

From our dojo, the following members participated in the competition.

・Arakaki Shozen(Uechi-ryu Adults II Male Quater finals)
・Arishima Naruho(Uechi-ryu Adults I Female Last 16)
・Nirasawa Hideto(Uechi-ryu Adults II Male Last 16)
・Endo Shoei(Uechi-ryu Juniors Male Quater finals)


11月9日 秋の昇級昇段審査が行われました。合格された皆さん、おめでとうございます。

IMG_3653 IMG_3652

DAN TEST Fall 2013


東京深川道場、東京堀之内道場 2013 年秋の昇段審査の模様を掲載します。

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