Karate grading test

On Sunday, November 5, 2023, dan and kyuu examinations were held at the Komatsubashi Sub-branch.

Two students from Fukagawa Dojo took the challenge. This was the first examination for Mr. Murozumi.
The examination was held jointly with Tokyo Horinouchi Dojo members who came from Hachioji.

This time, since there were many Hachioji dojo members to be judged, Fukagawa dojo members actively supported them in kumite and kata decomposition. The test was held over a long period of time in an atmosphere different from that of daily practice, but everyone passed the test without a hitch. They worked hard and did not lose their concentration until the end. Congratulations to everyone who passed!

・Shoichiro Murozumi 5kyu
・Anna Kudo, 1kyu