A special training session.

On Sunday, March 16, 2023, a special training session was held at Komatsubashi Community Center with Gaetano Sensei, who is visiting Japan from Italy. Many dojo students were inspired by his warm and attentive instruction, which transcended language barriers, as he spoke warmly to each student.

This special training was made possible by Gaetano Sensei’s teacher,Vladimir Sensei.

This kind of international exchange through karate is one of the best things about Fukagawa Arakaki Dojo. I would like to thank Vladimir Sensei for giving us this opportunity and Gaetano Sensei for his enthusiastic guidance.


[Palumbo Gaetano]
Jyun‐Shihan, 4dan. He is the owner of Kuro Obi Kai Dojo in Milan, Italy, and a student of Popovic Vladimir Sensei. He is dedicated to the promotion of karate and the training of future karate practitioners.