Introduction of Shihan and Jun-Shihan

As a result of their long study in Uechi-Ryu Karate, Kenji Komura received Shihan, Hideki Hashimoto and Yoko Ito received Jun-Shihan, and the award ceremony and commemorative photo were held the other day. We are very happy that all of the instructors who have supported Fukagawa Dojo have reached another milestone in their careers.

Kenji Komura is one of the instructors who has supported Fukagawa Dojo for a long time. He has traveled with me to many parts of the world to promote Uechi-ryu Karate. He has a lot of experience and knowledge not only about karate but also about various martial arts, and he teaches us from basics to application, capturing the characteristics of each individual.

Hideki Hashimoto has been well versed in karate-do since his student days, and he teaches not only the basics but also etiquette to each individual. His desire to share the appeal of karate with as many people as possible, and his disciplined approach to training, have made him a highly respected instructor for children.

Yoko Ito has been training at the Fukagawa Dojo since 2019, after having trained at the Hachioji Dojo. Her calm, calm, and attentive teaching is reassuring, and her soft manner makes the atmosphere of the dojo bright and cheerful.

I hope that he will continue to make Fukagawa Dojo exciting together with us. Congratulations to all of you on this achievement.

Shozen Arakaki

【Message from Kenji Komura】
I am surprised to realize that I have been with Fukagawa Dojo for such a long time.
I believe that it is because I was able to join Fukagawa Dojo that I was able to have the precious experience of teaching beyond national borders. I am looking forward to applying the interesting bonds that deepen through karate and the broad perspective that I have developed to my future teaching.

【Message from Hideki Hashimoto】
I am grateful for the support of Sensei Shozen Arakaki, the many seniors, and the dojo members that I have been able to train with. I would like to continue to share the fun and excitement of Uechi-ryu Karate with others.

【Message from Yoko Ito】
Shozen Arakaki Sensei has always given me warm guidance and has created an environment where I can train with ease. The number of new members is gradually increasing, and I would like to continue to practice together with everyone so that we can improve the morale of the vibrant Fukagawa Dojo.